About Style Patterns

Our Style Patterns establish the look and feel of your website. Each Style Pattern comes with the professionally designed background images/masthead. You also get matching custom navigation buttons, the color scheme used throughout, and theme matching sub-pages. On top of all that, we then incorporate your photos, words, and images into the Style Pattern you select for you.

When we add your content (words, images, video, etc.) and incorporate them into a layout, then the website becomes unique to you!

If you need additional pages, beyond the number that comes with a Style Pattern, they can be added for an additional cost. This cost also includes incorporating your content into the additional pages and adjusting the website's overall navigation.

For additional costs we can create other
Design Features to your website such as (but not limited to) animated Gifs, Flash, moving banners, videos, sounds, etc. The charge for creating and adding Design Features will be determined by the number and nature of the content to be added. Additional charges will be quoted for your acceptance and payment prior to their creation and addition to your website.