The costs for creating a website could be complicated, but we've tried to make it as simple as possible. We don't charge by the hour for the site design and construction so you can stay within your budget. We have a set price per page so that from the beginning you can stay within your budget and only if you instruct us to add extra functionality will the price change.

The price includes the design or "look" of the site, all graphic design and photo manipulation, and search engine friendly coding. We continue to work on the site until you are happy with it. Once the site has been launched we then charge for any extra work per hour, or per page (depending on which is cheaper). Minor adjustments to the site are generally not charged for, at our discretion.
Minor text and image updates will be completed free of charge so long as you e-mail the amendments to us and don't abuse our 'fair use' policy. We do this free of charge because we want you to recommend SSR-Webspots to your business contacts!
Domain name searches, domain name registration & administration, and Website Server Hosting are all free for a period of 1 year (with your website order).

After your intial year, your Domain Name registration and Server Hosting Service can be renewed for $130.00 for a year, or $220.00 for 2 years. There is no additional cost for the website itself.
We request a 50% deposit payment at the storyboard session and the remaining balance paid in full within 10 working days of the site being online and technically complete (i.e. all the pages are online and working) - this does not include waiting for you to prepare copy or images. SSR-Webspots does not offer credit terms and we ask you to respect our terms.